Two ground rules in relationships

Many people often complain about how difficult it is to maintain a relationship, whether it's casual dating or a serious relationship. Well, indeed. Finding a relationship is hard, while maintaining it is even harder. Today, I'm going to introduce two ground rules that are adaptable in all kinds of relationships, date or not.

Giving is not necessarily rewarded
Since childhood, we have all heard that all hard work will be rewarded, and hard work will surely succeed. I also know that many people who worked hard do not earn themselves such a good living. The fundamental reason is that they are working in the wrong direction.

I remember reading a sentence a few years ago: You gave me a car of apples with all your hard work, and people all around me were touched, but I didn't. You asked me why. I told you that I like peaches, not apples.

Many boys think that the more they give to girls, the more rewards they will be returned, so that they eventually become kneeling and unaware. You think you have spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy a gift for your girl. The girl should be grateful to you, but the truth is that the girl just happily handed over your gift, and then deeply kissed and hookup with you for several nights. You think that if you give, there will be a return, but you never thought that whether the girl need your contribution or not.

Entangled relationship
The stalking way of chasing girls is outdated. Do you think girls will be touched and soft-hearted? No, they will only hate you more and more. Give up when you should, and pursue when you should. Maybe some guys have had this kind of experience. They have been pursuing the girl for many years. When they are about to give up, the girl, again, gives them some hope.

In fact, if you didn't chase so intensely at the beginning, the girl might have been your girlfriend. It's like you are walking on the way home from work. If a person follows in your footsteps, you will definitely be vigilant or even disgusted. But if a person always shows up around you and make you noticed him, then one day, you will eventually be interested in that person. This is similar to the trick "hard-to-catch". Just keep a little distance instead of following her shadow all the time.

These two rules are adaptable for all type of relationships, casual hookup, adult dating, friendship, family relationship, etc. Just remember these two rules and you will find getting and maintaining a relationship will be much easier.


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